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The Scottish Unionist Party stands unashamedly and resolutely for the Union. Scotland's place in the United Kingdom can only be maintained by proud and patriotic Scots - we have to do it ourselves. We have a pride and appreciation of Scotland's history and culture. We are not prepared to abandon that heritage to a twisted separatism. The SUP believes that there should be no compromise or appeasement with Nationalists of any description.


Scottish Parliamentary Elections - 2016

In order to maximise the number of ' unionist ' candidates elected to Holyrood in May the Scottish Unionist Party has decided not to contest the forthcoming Scottish Parliamentary Elections.

We believe that the best way to defend the Union at this time and ensure that the referendum vote by 55.3% of the Scottish Electorate is respected, is by uniting in the fight to defeat the nationalists.

The Nationalists support has been maintained despite the repeated failures of the SNP government in health, education, policing and finacial accountability because of the ' dream ' of a future independent utopia.   

The Scottish Unionist Party will not be standing any candidates in the elections because we believe that this would further split the wider ' unionist ' vote potentially leaving the way open for others to make gains.

Party members are urged to support the ongoing efforts of pro Union groups like United Against Separation and Scotland in Union to ensure that the unionist vote is not wasted.

As proud and patriotic UK Scots we must do all we can to stop the nationalist and their calls for another independence referendum.

NO mean NO means NO means NO

Vote for Scotland's future - vote for a unionist

Following internal restructuring the Scottish Unionist Party will be standing in the local council elections in 2017.




Letís make 2016 a year when we celebrate all that is good about Scotland's place in the United Kingdom.


Is Nicola Sturgeon a teller of tall tales or is she merely deluded?


 How many civil servants are being employed to promote the nationalist separatist agenda at the tax payers' expense?


Do we really want to emulate the financial calamities of many in the Euro zone?


How can you be an independent nation within the EU?


 Surely democracy is listening to the people and taking their views into account Ė not shelving their responses because they didnít give you the answers you wanted.



Vote Unionist and stop the break up of the United Kingdom

Keep Scotland British 



An unashamed and resolute defence of Scotland's place within the Union

Genuine devolution to Scotland's local authorities


Retaining the British pound


Restricting the powers of the EU - No to a federal Europe


A strong and robust health service

Adequate pensions and better support services for the elderly


A fairer welfare system


Employment and training opportunities for our young people


An end to the costly and divisive system of religious apartheid which segregates our children - educate them together - you know it makes sense.


Fairer access to higher education for all British students


Better control over the banking system


A reduction in the number of unelected quangos


Better management of large scale capital projects to prevent large scale over spends


A genuine debate on the issues surrounding migration


A total crackdown on crime including those low level offences which reduce the quality of life.


Real Scots say NAW to independence