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The Act of Settlement

The Scottish Unionist Party is opposed to any change to the Act of Settlement.

This Act helped to create the conditions that enabled our democracy to develop and flourish. With the country in an economic mess, rising unemployment, terrorist threats, spin doctors deceit, the MPs expenses fiasco, a disillusioned electorate and a totally ineffective government, the Prime Minister's attempts to deflect our attention from these matters by raising this red herring is deplorable.

The Act of Settlement lies at the very heart of our Constitution let us make sure that we do everything we can to ensure that it is retained.

So Called Unionists

The British Monarchy is the thread which holds together the fabric of the Union. Therefore any unpicking and unravelling of same could lead not only to endangering the Monarchy but also to the break up of the United Kingdom. Understandable then Nationalists are so enthusiastic about changes to the Act of Settlement on the pretence that it is "discriminatory". But what about those embarrassing and dismal apologies for Unionists, the Scottish Conservatives. Seventeen out of eighteen Tories signed the Motion for Change which is beyond the remit of the Scottish Parliament and purely a Westminster matter.

The breath taking hypocrisy of those who are committed to ending the Union can be seen in statements such as: -
We are "concerned when any individual is told that the profession of his or her religion disbars them from anything" - (Mike Russell S.N.P.)
"We are all opposed to religious discrimination where ever it is found" (Annabel Goldie Conservative)

"Scottish Society must not disbar participation in any aspect of our National life on the grounds of religion" (Mike Rumbles Lib/Dem.)
Statements made by those people responsible for the Education Act which institutionalises religious discrimination against the majority of Scotlandís teachers.
Any non-Catholic School teacher who has applied for a position in the primary or senior post in secondary schools in the denominational sector must be open mouthed and dumbstruck at such jewels. Education being a devolved matter, then those who believe the above must surely now end the blatant institutionalized discrimination as contained in the 1980 (Scotland) Act.
But don't hold your breath for apparently our M.S.P's believe that "it would be wrong to change this act now without the consent of the Catholic community in Scotland" (Alex Salmond when Leader of S.N.P.)
So itís all right to change the constitution of The Church of England without consent of the Anglican Community - what a double standard. As the Monarch is the supreme governor of the Church of England it is no more appropriate for a Roman Catholic to be head of the Anglican Church than a Presbyterian to be head of the Church of Rome or a Muslim as Chief Rabbi.
What hypocrisy.